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Are you ready for Happiness? It starts now!

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In this free online class (limited time offer), we will delve deep into what makes people happy and how we can sustain happiness. We will explore the habits of happy people and learn proven health practices that boost happiness levels. The class aims to provide the participants with tools to gain emotional mastery. Classes are held every month. 

Class dates:

March 12th: 6.30pm EST 

Happiness now- 21 day challenge

This free 21 day Happiness Challenge will bring more awareness to the mental diet we live on which significantly affects our well-being. In this challenge we will explore our thoughts and emotions in depth, get rid of self sabotage and limiting beliefs and create new habits of thoughts that are in alignment with our ideal vision. You will need to take the free online Happiness course to register for this challenge.

This event is free for a limited time. 

DE-STRESS- 21 day challenge

In this free 21 day De-stress Challenge we will learn practices that help us let go of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that do not serve us. By doing the exercises in this challenge we will delve deep into ourselves, accept and love ourselves for who we are. The practices will allow us to understand and apply the principles of happiness in our daily activities and much more!
You will receive de-stress practices daily for 21 days after you sign up.

This event is free for a limited time

"Achievement is impeded by chaotic thoughts generated from old habits of thinking"