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Health and Wellness Coaching

ACC’s Health and wellness coaching programs are designed to assist members make lasting changes in different areas of their life. Whether its weight management, stress management, exercise or nutrition, we help people achieve their specific goals. Our programs are highly personalized no matter if you train individually or within a group.

ACC’s Approach to Wellness

We integrate a wide range of healing modalities in areas of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing to create constructive changes in your life. ACC integrates different methods and strategies to create a holistic program for a member. It’s our core belief that implementing changes such as smoking cessation or undertaking weight loss requires mind, body and spirit to be focused on a singular purpose. This is impossible if wellbeing is only examined from physical or mental perspective.

Purpose of Coaching

At ACC, we will collaborate with you to develop a program that will help you with:

  • Becoming more self-accepting and self-aware
  • Trying new things that bring gratification
  • Working towards personal and professional goals
  • Increasing your self-efficacy and agency
  • Understanding what brings you a sense of purpose and meaning

Benefits of Our Program

Members benefit greatly by taking part in our programs. Here’s what you can achieve with ACC:

  • Manage stress and emotions more efficiently
  • Build and sustain healthy relationships
  • Live a lifestyle around your personal values, motivation, and drives
  • Develop behaviors that are good for physical well-being
  • Maximize strengths and discover hidden potential