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What is Empowerment Retreat?

Quite often than not, you will find yourself stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed. When this happens, it is best to step outside your life and focus on things that matter – your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. An empowerment retreat helps you do just that by changing your scenery and putting a special focus on your health and happiness.

Empowerment Retreat: A Life Changing Experience

An empowerment retreat is a four day program designed to provide you with personal and individualized support you need for life-changing transformation. It’s a unique experience that integrates powerful personal development mechanisms such as:
• Hypnosis
• Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Self-Healing

Here’s What You Should Expect:

• Small group of participants to ensure personal support and individualized attention
• A secure and safe environment in a peaceful and beautiful setting
• Resources and tools to unlock personal development and self-awareness
• Practices targeted towards your goals and needs
• Professional guidance from qualified and experienced individuals
• Meals and accommodation