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About Us

It is widely believed that wellness can be achieved only through exercise and diet. While both of these practices are important, the concept of wellness goes beyond just physical health. It concerns the state of a person as a whole (mind-body-soul), and not just the absence of disease and physical weakness.

Alchemical Center of Change (ACC) takes an integrated approach to wellness. What we do is examine different aspects of your life – be it spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, intellectual or occupational- and evaluate how they impact your wellbeing. After this, we help you make the necessary changes that elevate your mental, physical and spiritual health and let you enjoy everything life has to offer.

But all this is easier said than done. We at ACC realize that making permanent behavioral changes is difficult in the first place and sustaining them is a different ball game altogether. That’s why, we work closely with all our clients and try to develop a more personal connection with them. What’s more, our program is based on the effective strategies in neuroscience that have proven to yield positive results.


Alchemical Center of Change (ACC) was founded by Ese Magege PA, MBA a seasoned integrative health & wellness coach and lecturer. Practicing medicine as a physician assistant in New York’s top hospital for over a decade, Ese developed a passion for helping people make healthy changes in their life. After completing her integrative health coach training at Duke Integrative Medicine, Ese founded ACC with a mission to transform lives and create a positive impact on the society.